The secret to conquering mysterious caves in Quang Binh for challenge lovers

The secret to conquering mysterious caves in Quang Binh for challenge lovers

Compared to the “kingdom of caves”, Quang Binh owns the largest system of large and small caves in the country, enchanting hearts that love nature and are passionate about challenges. Opening up a wild and mysterious world, the experience of caving in this land has become a new tourism trend, attracting both domestic and international tourists.

The beaches stretch with waves crashing peacefully with white sand and golden sunshine; dynamic tourist cities with countless unique check-in points; or trekking to explore the majestic mountains… are all monumental plans for escape trips.

However, if you are looking for a new, more stimulating experience, a trip to conquer the caves in Quang Binh system will be an adventurous but also very attractive challenge.

What’s in this mysterious “cave kingdom”? Explore the most beautiful caves in Quang Binh with tropicsvn with the details below:

  • Quang Binh and the most unique cave system in Vietnam.
  • Caves you should visit once in your life.
  • Experiences that need to be memorized for a safe and fun caving trip.
Explore the massive cave system in Quang Binh (@so_theadventurebegins)
Explore the massive cave system in Quang Binh (@so_theadventurebegins)

1. Quang Binh and the most diverse cave system in Vietnam – caves in Quang Binh

As a province located in the North Central Coast, talking about Quang Binh, most tourists will mention the famous Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave scenic complex. Others describe this place as a sunny and windy land, with a somewhat harsh climate. But now, times have changed.

Taking advantage of the natural terrain with seamless limestone mountains and hundreds of millions of years of wear-and-tear sediments, Quang Binh begins to exploit tourism in large, small, beautiful and majestic caves. less than Phong Nha.

With a list of more than 30 caves that have been exploited to experience, you are ready for a trip away from the city, touching with your hands, seeing firsthand the great wonders of Mother Nature!

Choosing the form of tourism caves in Quang Binh, you can not only immerse yourself in the wild mountain space, but also test your endurance through memorable conquering stages.

Quang Binh has the most diverse cave system in Vietnam (@vietnam_travel_media)
Quang Binh has the most diverse cave system in Vietnam (@vietnam_travel_media)

2. Take a look at caves in Quang Binh that are worthy of an experience

For those who love nature and are passionate about adventure and adventure sports, you can consider the caves that tropicsvn Wallet suggests below as a stopover for the upcoming trip.

2.1. Phong Nha Cave

Located in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage, Phong Nha cave is famous near and far with countless records: longest underground river; the highest and widest cave entrance; the most magnificent stalactite system; and the most beautiful sandy beach. Referring to the cave system in Quang Binh, Phong Nha will definitely be the first name that should be experienced.

Taking a boat on the Son River for about 30 minutes, you will see the cave entrance 20m wide, 10m high. Turn off the engine to go into the cave, the canoe will take you through the cut mountain beds, underground rivers, deep wells.

Above will be stalactites of all shapes, sparkling under the lights, so beautiful that they are overwhelming.

And you cannot miss the two most beautiful caves in Phong Nha cave, namely Tien cave and Cung Dinh cave.

If Tien cave has stalactite columns more than 20m high, eroded by rain water into the shape of a long shiny hair, Cung Dinh cave has stone blocks bearing the shape of a throne with equally carved lines. delicate.

During the nearly 8 km journey, you will admire the sculptures from nature, touch the unique stalactites, watch the rare rays of sunlight penetrate the cave, and enjoy the cool air. and listen to old stories from boatmen.

If you have a lot of time, you should visit other places in the National Park such as Tien Son dry cave, botanical garden, Tam Co cave, Mooc spring, Chay river – Dark cave is equally beautiful.

Phong Nha Cave (@n.belka_a)
Phong Nha Cave (@n.belka_a)

How to move:

Starting from Dong Hoi city – Quang Binh, you go along Phan Dinh Phung street in the direction of Ho Chi Minh road to Phong Nha. With a distance of 45 km that is not too difficult to travel, you can completely travel by motorbike to save costs and have a memorable “traveling experience”.

Ticket price: 150,000 VND/person/way.

2.2. Son Doong cave

Recognized by Guinness World Records in 2013 as the world’s largest cave with a volume of 38.5 million m2, Son Doong cave is the dream of many enthusiasts to conquer. With high difficulty, Son Doong exploration tours only accept 10 participants for each tour.

The journey to conquer the cave begins with a hike through the forest to the mouth of the cave located deep in the heart of the National Park. Slowly climbing down, you will hear the sound of the wind blowing and the echo of the deep river bed full of mystery and will stop at the unique blue lake.

Going deeper into the cave, you will encounter Dog’s Foot – a giant natural stalactite block. When you reach the top, your eyes will open up to a unique scene when the sun shines from above, illuminating the entire picturesque cave.

Continuing the journey, you will come to the Fossil Corridor with coral fossils more than 300 million years old, camp overnight at campground 1 and catch the sunrise at Ho Sut 1 with an expensive view that seems to be only on movies.

Son Doong Cave (@felicesvacaciones)
Son Doong Cave (@felicesvacaciones)

And the focal point of Son Doong cave will make you amazed with the endless beauty of nature, which is Ho Sut 1 (also known as Vong Dinosaur) and Ho Sut 2 (with another name as Garden of Eden).

In which, at Ho Sut 1, visitors can save footage of extremely lush and green vegetation; stalactites are layered, stacked in layers like a giant wedding cake and the sun shines directly into the unreal beautiful cave.

At Ho Sut 2, you will have the opportunity to conquer the natural stone steps, arranged in an ascending direction surrounded by ferns and small plants as if leading you to heaven’s gate.

On the way up, you will be surrounded by four majestic mountains and forests. Crossing a muddy and clear blue lake, you will go to the end of the cave and climb 90m to reach the top of the Vietnam Wall – the exit and also the end of the journey.

Son Doong expedition tour time: 4 days 3 nights.

Price: 3,000 USD/person (about 70,000,000 VND/person), including all costs of sightseeing services, forest environment fee, porter, food safety equipment and necessities, cave experts operations, safety support assistants and rangers.


2.3. Tu Lan Cave

If you do not have too much experience in trekking or climbing to explore, Tu Lan cave is a more suitable option that does not require physical strength or standard survival skills like Son Doong.

With a distance of about 15 km, specifically 12 km of forest road, 2km of cave exploration and 1km of basic swimming in the underground river in the cave, you will have the opportunity to experience camping in the heart of the rainforest.

Here, you will see beautiful nature, admire 4 poetic water caves and breathe the fresh and cool air of the unique cave system. Let tropicsvn reveal what surprises you will experience in the Tu Lan Cave expedition tour!

Tu Lan Cave (@dothanhnhan)
Tu Lan Cave (@dothanhnhan)

Be in awe of the massive stalactite system and diverse shapes

Favored by nature, the caves of Tu Lan all possess an impressive system of stalactites and black bamboo shoots. You will be lost in a display area full of sophisticated sculptures, many different shapes for you to unleash your creativity and association.

Trekking through dry caves

Tu Lan trail includes 2 dry caves with 2 different trekking levels, helping visitors experience difficulty from easy to medium. In the first leg, you will arrive at the Mouse Cave with a fairly smooth, flat and low-obstacle path – where you can spend a lot of time exploring the beauty of the cave.

Coming to the second dry cave – Son Oxalis cave, the trekking route will be more difficult, requiring you to crawl, slide or even walk in the dark, both stimulating and interesting.

Swim through wet caves

The Tu Lan expedition will lead you through a total of 4 wet caves: Hang Ken, Hung Ton, Hang Kim and Tu Lan. Tourists will initially wade through the water, then swim completely to reach the mouth of the cave.

Immersed in the cool water with two sides of limestone walls of all shapes, you have to spend a lot of effort in this way, but when you reach the cave entrance, climb through the stone paths, you will feel like reciprocating. Opening up in front of you will be a murmuring stream, a poetic valley and a romantic night of camping to watch the stars.

Price: 8,000,000 VND/person.

Tu Lan Expedition (@cocothe__ )
Tu Lan Expedition (@cocothe__ )

2.4. Hang En

As the third largest cave in the world, Hang En is full of the beauty of primeval mountains and forests, and is mentioned as a must-see adventure destination for those who love to explore when coming to Quang Binh.

With an average tour length of 2 days and 1 night, you will need to travel 22 km through the forest, 3km to explore caves and climb 450m slopes to complete your conquest journey.

Depart by climbing Ba Giang slope which is quite slippery and start the journey of walking and wading in rivers and streams for 30 minutes, you will stop at Doong village to have lunch and learn about some cultural beauties, people’s lives. local people. After that, the group will continue to cross the forest for another 3 hours to reach En cave and be fully equipped with protective equipment to climb into the cave.

Seen from above, you will not be surprised that the camping site right in the heart of the cave is as beautiful as a dream. One side is a flat sandy area with colorful tents, the other side is a turquoise natural swimming pool for you to enjoy. Love playing in the water, save valuable photos.

After a night of rest, the group packed up their luggage and continued on the way to the 300 million-year-old fossil kingdom – the highlight at En Cave, to see the glittering stalactites, all shapes.

Here, the porters also tell you about the custom of eating Swallows or introduce the typical full moon festival of the Arem people.

Price: 7,600,000 VND/person.

Hang En (@chad_gerber)
Hang En (@chad_gerber)

2.5. Fairy Cave

As a new cave that has become “hot” in recent years, Hang Tien has a quite different shape compared to other caves in Quang Binh.

If the outside of the cave is covered with a dense, wild and mysterious old forest, going deep into the cave, you will witness square blocks of stalactites, stacked on top of each other as if there are rules to create a space. Super artistic terraces.

In particular, in the ceiling of the cave, you will encounter populations of bats living, creating a space with rivers, mountains, trees and animals full of life.

A tour to conquer Hang Tien will usually have 2 main stages with the first day for moving and the second day for exploring the cave. Starting with a steep climb to the top of the hill and following the forest trail, you will gradually enter the valley and visit the first stop – Fun Cave.

After visiting, the group will go to Hang Tien campsite to set up tents, cook, and catch the sunset on a pink valley with an area of jade green lake.

On the next day, you will continue to cross the forest to reach the mossy stone corridor of Hang Tien 1 with layers of stalactites layered up, cool green vegetation and towering domes. .

Leaving cave 1, you will move to cave 2, 30 minutes away by road, enter the spiral entrance to witness firsthand the vast cave, a bit murky, mysterious but no less strange. great.

Price: 6,500,000 VND/person.

Fairy Cave (@vyoivyahh)
Fairy Cave (@vyoivyahh)

2.5. Va Cave and Nuoc Crack Cave

Becoming more popular recently, the tour to explore Hang Va and Hang Nuoc Nut has a fairly low difficulty, suitable for newcomers. Starting early in the morning, you will cross 8km of mountain road with rocky terrain, many large and small slopes to reach the mouth of Va cave.

Belonging to the core zone of the National Park, the entrance to Va cave is located about 20 m deep from the ground, there are many rocks and moss, so you have to move very carefully and cling to the vines throughout the journey.

Going deep into the cave, tourists will be able to see unique stalactite columns, not caused by abrasive rain, but formed from a hard object at the bottom of the lake and over time, the water rises and carries calcium clinging to it. into the pillar. Going a little further, you will be able to touch the waterfall rain curtain made up of underground rivers and Thap Non stalactite lake with 1-0-2.

Despite having a modest depth and length, Hang Va and Hang Nuoc Nut still own more than 1,000 stalactites of all shapes, magnificence and can be considered the most beautiful of all the caves currently in Quang Binh.

Price: 8,000,000 VND/person.

Va Cave and Nuoc Nut Cave (@gene7r)
Va Cave and Nuoc Nut Cave (@gene7r)

3. What do you need to prepare for a cave exploration in Quang Binh?

3.1. Moving to Quang Binh

To get to Quang Binh, tourists can conveniently travel by the following means of transport:

Airplane: With a price of 500,000 – 800,000 VND/way, you can buy air tickets at any domestic airline with an average flight time of 1-1.5 hours.

Train: According to the North – South train route, the train fare to Dong Hoi station will range from 300,000 – 700,000 VND/way, depending on the distance traveled and the type of seat.

Buses: Suitable for tourists from neighboring provinces, buses to Dong Hoi are operated by a lot of bus operators, flexible running hours, and bus fares for these routes are also quite soft, only from 100,000 – 300,000 VND/way.

Currently, at the Travel – Travel feature on tropicsvn, you can book tickets for all three types of transportation extremely fast – compact – convenient, compare prices easily and hunt for super bargains.

3.2. Staying in Quang Binh

Usually, for adventure tourists, the service tours will take care of accommodation issues during the journey which is quite thoughtful and complete.

However, if you want to stay in Quang Binh for 1-2 more days to explore the city as well as enjoy specialties, tropicsvn will suggest some names as follows: Vinpearl Quang Binh, Carambola Bungalow, Muong Thanh Holiday Quang Binh Hotel, SAM Quang Binh Hotel,…

Affordable room rates from 500,000 – 1,000,000 VND/night; spacious and fully equipped bedrooms; Central location, convenient transportation and security are the plus points of these hotels. Booking hotels on tropicsvn is now extremely easy with just a few simple steps.

3.3. Book a cave adventure tour in Quang Binh

To explore the caves in Quang Binh, instead of going on your own, you should take a tour from professional tour operators with a specific schedule, a guide to ensure safety and a full experience. whole.

A small note is that because the number of participants in a tour is quite limited, you need to make a reservation at least a month in advance, to avoid the situation of being sold out.

Currently, the local government of Quang Binh province has only licensed Oxalis Adventure to exploit tourism in highly dangerous caves such as Son Doong, En, Va, and Nuoc Nut caves.


3.4. Some notes when participating in cave tours

2-3 weeks before departure, start exercising to get your body used to movement, improve endurance and flexibility.

Prepare a pair of specialized climbing shoes, limit slippery as well as absorb and drain well so that you can cross the forest and wade easily.

Do not carry bulky luggage, give preference to light and thin clothing and personal hygiene items such as towels, hats, socks, sunscreen, mosquito spray, …

A flashlight, a small knife, some dry food, and a compact water bottle are always useful items.

Changing the wind for the upcoming trip with different real experiences, Quang Binh caves will bring you to a peaceful green land, without wifi, dust or daily pressure.

Crossing forests, wading through streams, your efforts will be rewarded with the wild and overwhelming beauty of nature; companions who are destined to meet; Unforgettable memories and beautiful footage.