Southeast Asia is gradually opening up, where are the attractive places to check-in right away?

Southeast Asia is gradually opening up, where are the attractive places to check-in right away?

As soon as tourism reopened, Southeast Asia quickly became the most sought-after destination after the epidemic. With tropicsvn pocket the most attractive places to hang out, along with travel tips for the most convenient normal time trip.

After a period of freezing due to the epidemic, the tourism industry is gradually opening up and reviving. Thousands of travel enthusiasts eagerly plan new itineraries. With geographical advantages and simple entry procedures, Southeast Asian countries are the first choice of Vietnamese tourists. Let’s take a look at the ideal destinations in Southeast Asia with tropicsvn for the check-in trip right after the pandemic!

This article not only lists the famous tourist countries but also tells you the immigration procedures for the most convenient trip. Let’s watch together!

  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Cambodia

1. Thailand travel – Southeast Asia

Undoubtedly a tourist paradise, Thailand is one of the earliest countries to open after the pandemic. Romantic beaches and islands; magnificent temples and pagodas; and the rich and unique cuisine are the things that make visitors miss the most in this land of the Golden Temple.

Southeast Asia travel experience Source: @sologirlstravelguide
Southeast Asia travel experience Source: @sologirlstravelguide

1.1. Immigration procedures

Currently, Thailand has opened to tourism, to be able to visit this land of millions of elephants, visitors will need to prepare:

Register for a Thai passport (Thailand Pass)

Thailand Pass is an indispensable document if you want to enter Thailand at the present time. Guests must apply for the pass at least 24 hours prior to departure. Since the approval process takes 3-7 days, the government encourages travelers to complete their registration 7 days before their trip to Thailand. There is no fee for foreign visitors to register for the Thailand Pass at the government website (

When you apply for the Thailand Pass, you will choose the Test & Go program and prepare a certificate of Covid-19 vaccination, proving that you have booked a 1-night stay at one of the hotels approved by the Thai government (SHA++ standard). ) on the first day of entry. On the first day after entry, visitors wait for PCR results at the hotel. On the fifth day after entry, visitors do a quick self-test and send the test results to Thailand’s COVID-19 app, MorChana.

In case of positive results, travelers will have to report to local authorities and carry out isolation and treatment. Travel insurance has a compensation value of $20,000, which covers the cost of Covid-19 treatment.

Entry fee when arriving in Thailand

Although domestic tourism makers have called on the government to postpone the collection of tourist fees for international visitors, the Minister of Tourism and Sports decided to implement this policy. Accordingly, from April 1, 2022, the entry fee to Thailand is 9 USD, the fee to pay for insurance, emergency services and tourism development.

1.2. Famous tourist destinations in Thailand

Bangkok’s capital city

Possessing Buddhist culture everywhere, unique street food and a shopping paradise, Bangkok will certainly not disappoint any visitor, no matter how fastidious you are. You can visit some famous places in Bangkok such as: Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), Royal Palace of Thailand, Jim Thompson House Museum and Chatuchak Market.

Southeast Asia travel experience
Southeast Asia travel experience

Chiang Mai City

Dubbed the “Rose” of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai has a cool, pleasant climate all year round, with majestic nature, as well as ancient buildings dating back hundreds of years. This city also owns many famous temples and pagodas such as Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and White Temple (Wat Rong Khun).

If you have come to Chiang Mai, don’t forget to enjoy “must try” dishes such as Sangkaya (bread dipped in 4-color egg cream), Khao Soi (crispy fried noodles), Khanom Jeen Nam Giao (fresh vermicelli).

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @elely_cafe


Those who are passionate about sea and island tourism will certainly not be able to ignore the sea paradise of Southeast Asia – Phuket. Phuket is famous for countless beautiful beaches, clear blue sea see the bottom, sparkling under the typical golden sunshine of the tropics.

Visitors can visit some famous beaches such as: Phang Nga Bay, Koh Phi Phi Islands and Patong Beach. If you are a lover of culture – history, Phuket can also indulge you with the peaceful old town of Phuket Old Town, or sacred temples such as Wat Chalong, Wat Phra Thong and Wat Phra Nang Sang.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @ppareez

2. Singapore Tourism – Southeast Asia

Although it has a relatively modest area, the Lion Island has never disappointed any visitors. After the pandemic, Singapore is also one of the countries that actively opened up to welcome visitors back.

2.1. Immigration procedures

From April 1, 2022, the Singapore government will open tourism for all Vietnamese tourists, not having to isolate after entry, but only need to satisfy the following conditions:

There is a confirmation of the hotel, the address of the place of residence.

Flight tickets.

Certificate of negative test for Covid-19 in English version. Test by PCR method or rapid test at a medical facility recognized by the Ministry of Health of Singapore. The test is valid for 48 hours prior to departure for Singapore.

Covid-19 health insurance, for a minimum coverage of 30,000 SGD. Travelers who are fully vaccinated are not required to purchase insurance.

Singapore Arrival Card (Singapore Arrival Card – SGAC) with travel history and health declaration form within 3 days before arrival in Singapore. Online declaration link:

The phone has the Trace Together application downloaded for medical declaration.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @changiairport

2.2. Famous Singapore tourist attractions:

Garden by the Bay

Covering an area of 101 hectares, Garden by the Bay is home to thousands of plant varieties from all over the world. In addition, this place also has unique architecture.

  • The two greenhouses Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are known as the largest greenhouses in the world. Despite being so large, this greenhouse does not need any support. The entire arch system is built with a solid iron frame.
  • SuperTree is the symbol of Garden by the Bay, designed to simulate a tree with a height of 25 – 50 meters. At the SuperTree, guests can enjoy panoramic views of Marina Bay or take a walk to enjoy the cool atmosphere on the OCBC Skyway.
Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @a.jornanda

Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

A day lost in the wonderland at USS – the largest amusement park in Southeast Asia – you will be spoiled to experience dozens of exciting games with countless emotions from heart palpitations to surprise. . As soon as they step through the gate, visitors set foot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, “snatching” the opportunity to meet the characters from the hit movies.

Next, you can visit specialized virtual living locations such as New York, Ancient Egypt, Far Far Away or Madagascar. After that, let’s “test the liver” at thrilling slides like Sci-fi City and experience the battle between Transformers through a 3D lens. Before the end of a fun day, don’t forget to enjoy the Waterworld show at the Lost World area to once get lost in the mysterious wonderland.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @helenchikx

Sentosa island

Sentosa Island owns three beaches with its own charm. Siloso Beach is the busiest place with many restaurants and attractions, suitable for groups of friends. Palawan Beach with many amusement parks and amusement parks, suitable for families with young children. Finally, the peaceful Tanjong beach, taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In addition, you can experience other interesting activities such as discovering wildlife and heritage trees at Sentosa Nature Discovery; visit the S.E.A Aquarium. Aquarium to travel to the bottom of the sea; or “meet” celebrities at Madame Tussauds Singapore.

3. Indonesia Tourism – Southeast Asia

Indonesia is one of the dream destinations of travel believers, with the paradise island of Bali. If you are a lover of natural beauty, what are you waiting for without going straight to Bali after 2 years of separation.

3.1. Immigration procedures

Travelers entering Indonesia will need to present a negative PCR test result up to 2 days before departure and use the PeduliLidungi health app to declare. The country also offers a visa-free policy for ASEAN countries, so exploring Indonesia has never been easier!

3.2. Popular Bali tourist attractions:


Going to Bali and skipping Ubud is a huge omission, because this place is the cultural center of this island. Ubud is famous for its popular check-in spots on social networks such as Tegalalang rice terraces, Bali Swing, Campuhan trail, and many sacred temples.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @shrutika_ratnaparkhi

Kuta and Legian

This is the busiest place in Bali, with a location close to the sea, a convergence of interesting bars, night clubs, and night markets. However, Kuta Beach is not Bali’s most beautiful beach and is often popular for surfing and other sea sports.


If you still want to stop at a vibrant place but less crowded than Kuta and Legian, then Seminyak will be the right choice. Not too far from Kuta and Legian, Seminyak has many beautiful beach clubs and more chill bars for you to enjoy a true vacation.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @thebaliguideline

Nusa Dua and Uluwatu

This place focuses on the most beautiful beaches in Bali with blue water and long fine white sand. Because of that, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu are very focused on resort tourism and own the most luxurious resorts and resorts on the island. Instead of music clubs, this place only has an infinity pool overlooking the sea, or luxurious beach lounges for you to mingle with nature.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @rocknreefbali

4. Philippines Tourism – Southeast Asia

The island nation of the Philippines is known by tourists as an island paradise, with more than 7,100 diverse large and small islands.

4.1. Immigration procedures

Currently, the procedure to enter the Philippines is relatively simple, foreign visitors only need to prepare some of the following documents:

  • Round-trip airfare (for short-term tourists).
  • Travel insurance to support Covid-19.
  • Certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 English – Vietnamese version.
  • PCR test results are valid within 48 hours before departure to the Philippines.

4.2. Famous Philippine tourist destinations

El Nido Beach

Listed in the top 4 of Conde Nast Traveler’s “20 most beautiful beaches in the world” list, El Nido not only possesses unspoiled beauty, emerald green water attracts visitors with mossy cliffs and ridges. Colorful coral. Because of that, kayaking or scuba diving are the two most popular activities here.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @timothylukecox

Coron Beach

As one of the most beautiful beaches in Palawan province, Coron possesses turquoise waters and beautiful cliffs. The most special feature here is the experience of diving to see the shipwrecks from World War II. Besides, visitors who are passionate about scuba diving can also experience coral viewing at the famous Lusong Gunboat beach.

Boracay Island

Boracay Island possesses the scenery of a true sea paradise, which has been recognized by travel websites as well as international travel magazines. This charming little island stretches out on soft white sand beaches, surrounded by clear blue water like a pearl in the open sea. Tourism services in Boracay island are also among the most developed among the islands in the Philippines, so you do not need to worry about coming here.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @warrencamitan

Siargao Island

Siargao Island is likened to the capital of surfing in the Philippines, with blue waves, with a moderate height suitable for visitors to experience the feeling of surfing on the water. Visitors who are passionate about this sport should visit Siargao in August and September to enjoy the beautiful waves, as well as the most ideal weather.

Oslob Beach

Have you ever thought about swimming next to whale sharks? This is a unique experience that you can experience at Oslob beach, not anywhere else. Like many other beaches of the Philippines, Oslob also has clear blue water that can satisfy any fastidious beach travel fanatic.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @travel.modee

5. Cambodia tourism

Not only are there ancient architectural works like Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s tourism today is developing amazingly with many well-invested new stops, which are worth experiencing after the epidemic.

5.1. Immigration procedures

From March 17, 2022, foreign visitors to Cambodia are not required to present PCR test documents within 72 hours before flying. Passengers coming to Cambodia, want to enter, just need to get enough vaccines against Covid-19. Passengers who have not been vaccinated will be quarantined for 14 days at a location designated by the Ministry of Health or the Cambodian competent authority.

5.2 Sihanoukville – Cambodia’s most popular summer tourist destination

Dubbed the most beautiful beach in Cambodia, Sihanoukville has now been invested with many places to play, eat and experience many unique activities. If you have been to Sihanoukville, tropicsvn will reveal to you some famous tourist attractions that should not be missed.

Koh Rong Island

It will be a regret if you have come to Sihanoukville without going to Koh Rong island. This island still retains the wild beauty with clear blue water, calm sea and smooth, gentle white sand.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @cambodia_dreaming

Otres . Beach

Owning a semicircular sand beach stretching 3km, Otres Sea always retains its beautiful shape as in the beginning. At Otres, there are many services for visitors to experience such as sailing, kayaking, which are very popular with Western tourists. In addition, you can also visit some coastal fishing villages to learn a little more about the life of fishermen here.

Southeast Asia travel experience

Source: @kactuscambodia

What a long list of places where you can “pack your bags and go right away” after the translation, right! tropicsvn hopes that with full information about immigration procedures and the most unique Southeast Asian tourist destinations, you can easily decide which tourist destination you will go to first after opening. Don’t forget to access the Travel – Travel feature on tropicsvn to book flight tickets and hotels easily and conveniently!