TOP 20+ most favorite beautiful scenes in Vietnam

hang son doong canh-dep viet nam

The landscapes of Vietnam are scenic spots crystallized from the beauty of nature and historical culture. The following will have more than 20 unforgettable beautiful scenes for you to visit once in your life!

The beautiful scenes in Vietnam are not only our pride but also make international tourists impressed and unforgettable. On the tourist map of my country, beautiful landscapes have become ideal destinations that should not be missed. They are created by the attraction of natural beauty, heaven and earth and the hospitality of people!

If you intend to find the beautiful scenery in my country. You have a lot of options in 3 regions: North, Central, and South.

The South with its natural beauty, living culture and the friendliness and hospitality of the local people becomes the first factor to hold you back. Let’s explore the following places with the most beautiful scenery in the North.

Landscape in the North of my country

When you come to the North, it will be one of the ideal attractions. Here, you can feel the diversity of the 4-season weather, freely take pictures at picturesque scenes.

Here are a few small suggestions for you to easily schedule a trip to the North in the near future:

The most beautiful bay in the North – Ha Long Bay

Talking about the beauty of the North, it is impossible not to mention Ha Long Bay – one of the natural wonders of the world. Ha Long Bay is a convergence of thousands of large and small islands with various shapes.

The calm and clear blue sea creates a wonderful picture of nature. If you come once you will look forward to coming back again.

Đảo Tiptop Hạ long

Here, you can enjoy many interesting activities such as kayaking, climbing, swimming, snorkeling… Visiting Ha Long is also known for many famous places such as Bai Chay, Reu island, etc. Tuan Chau Island, Quang Ninh Museum…

Hai Phong

For the city of red phoenix flowers, it will definitely not disappoint you. There are many beautiful landscapes of my country, converging from the beauty of the seas, islands, bays and many places possessing beautiful natural scenery.

In fact, when visiting Hai Phong, you should schedule to explore destinations such as: Tuyet Tinh Coc Hai Phong, Do Son beach, Cat Ba island, Lan Ha Bay…

Vịnh Lan Hạ

In the port city, you should also spend time experiencing the “food tour” with many delicious dishes such as crab cakes, coconut pickles, bread sticks, fish noodles, etc.

Sapa – Beautifully painted outstanding mountains in the North

Beautiful autumn scenery in my country is famous in Hanoi, Ha Giang… Spring beauty in Vietnam attracts in Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh is in Sapa – a beautiful winter is what will make you fall in love.

In this highland town, nature is extremely magical because of the green color of the forest, the mountains, the dense fog… If you visit Sapa on cold days, you also have the opportunity to experience the snow.

Nhà thờ đá Sapa

A characteristic of my country’s tropics, the fresh and cool air in the eyes of international friends is also reflected in many souvenir photos. Coming to Sapa, tourists cannot ignore famous tourist sites: stone church, Ham Rong, Fansipan Legend, Ta Phin village,…

Lang Son

Lang Son is known for many attractive places to visit such as: Mau Son, Ai Chi Lang, Mac citadel, Muc Nam Quan pass… In addition, coming to Lang Son also helps you connect with many beautiful scenes of Vietnam from nature, famous caves such as Tam Thanh cave, To Thi mountain, Nhi Thanh cave…

Mẫu Sơn

The landscape here is likened to a painting, peaceful and wild, almost untouched by human impact. In addition, when coming to this city, do not forget to enjoy many delicious dishes such as: roasted duck, roasted pork, sour pho, Bac Son lam rice…


Hanoi capital with ancient relics, imbued with history and time. In addition, this is also one of the interesting destinations, helping you to fully explore the beauty of my country. Visitors can visit Sword Lake, West Lake, walk around the old streets, …

Check-in hồ Tây Hà Nội

Hanoi always has a very own beauty, attracting many tourists to visit every year. Moreover, if you want to admire a blue ocean in the heart of Hanoi, go to Times City Aquarium – more than 3,000 species of creatures here will surely surprise and delight you.

Ninh Binh

Referring to the landscapes of the North, it is impossible to ignore Trang An Ninh Binh, Tam Coc Bich Dong, Bai Dinh pagoda or Hoa Lu… The land of the ancient capital attracts visitors by its beautiful scenery from limestone mountains, rivers and rivers.

Ninh Bình

Here, you can sit on boats, admire the majestic natural beauty and save yourself unique photos. Bai Dinh Pagoda – One of the beautiful scenes in Ninh Binh.

The landscape is very diverse, it is the convergence of the beauty of the sea, the mountains, the beauty of nature and people in each locality.

To be able to explore all the most beautiful landscapes on the S-shaped strip of land. You should learn and plan a detailed schedule for your trips. Besides, you can also “hunt” for vouchers to save costs, have fun with the most favorable price!

Beautiful scenery in the central part of my country

What’s so memorable about coming to the Central region? This place “carries” the two ends of the country, converging the beauty of the blue sea and white clouds. A place that can converge majestic landscapes, along with heroic historical sites. Let’s explore the beauty of Central Vietnam through the following destinations:

Nha Trang – Beautiful seascape in Vietnam

The coastal city of Nha Trang has been famous in the Central region with many attractive activities such as swimming, taking the cable car, experiencing adventure games, etc.

When visiting and exploring Nha Trang, you will be selected by many attractive natural scenes. For example: Hon Tre, Binh Hung island, Diep Son island…

Nha Trang

The scenery in these seas is still very wild and poetic. You can comfortably check-in, keep yourself many beautiful memories.

In addition, when coming to this locality, do not miss the cultural and culinary activities. This is really a fun place to spend money in a beautiful coastal city.

Hoi An

With the beauty of ancient, quiet streets, cultural relics, unique architecture. Along with craft villages and sea areas, you should choose Hoi An tourism.

Hoi An ancient town with many famous tourist attractions such as: Cantonese Assembly Hall, Trieu Chau Assembly Hall, Tan Ky ancient house, Tam Quan Ba Mu pagoda … you will be able to witness firsthand the beautiful ancient architecture, delicate.

Tourist attractions in Hoi An (Source: Collected)
Tourist attractions in Hoi An (Source: Collected)

Moreover, you can also “live virtual” on the streets, visit the holy places of My Son, Cu Lao Cham … and enjoy many delicious specialties such as: Hades rice, Quang noodles, fried mussels with pound cake…

Visiting Hoi An ancient town will definitely help you have more perspectives on the unique beauty of my country. An ancient, peaceful and soothing color.


The land of Da Nang is known to many people with the second name “the city worth living”. Because this place converges many beautiful landscapes for you to explore.

The places you can visit famous places such as Marble Mountains, Dragon Bridge Da Nang, Hai Van Pass or worship, sightseeing at Linh Ung Pagoda, swimming at My Khe beach…

Danang Golden Bridge (Source: Collected)
Danang Golden Bridge (Source: Collected)

Visiting Da Nang, you will be attracted by the beauty of the sea, the mountains and the beautiful scenery from the tourist areas, monuments…

Another highlight here is that the beauty of Vietnam in Da Nang is convergence. When you arrive here, you will have many interesting experiences in your travel journey.

Quang Binh – a famous destination in recent years

Quang Binh emerges with many pristine landscapes, typical features of the tropics. This is considered the highlight of the big caves in my country. The beautiful scenery of Quang Binh is very unique and magnificent from caves such as Phong Nha cave, Thien Duong cave, Son Doong cave…

Natural masterpiece of Son Doong cave – One of the beautiful scenes of Vietnam in Quang Binh.

Quang Binh will bring you picturesque natural beauty, peaceful scenery of pristine attractions. It can be said that Quang Binh is a typical miniature of the tropics.

You can experience cave exploration, drop yourself among the fresh streams, participate in picnic games at many tourist resorts…

Magnificent and unspoiled scenery in Quang Binh (Source: Collected)
Magnificent and unspoiled scenery in Quang Binh (Source: Collected)

In addition, Quang Binh also owns beautiful pristine beaches such as Nhat Le beach, Da Nhay beach, Bao Ninh, …

The seafood here is famous for being both delicious and cheap to suit your needs. Especially, the most delicious squid dish in Vietnam is very delicious and very sweet thanks to the saltiness of Quang Binh sea.


The ancient capital of Hue is characterized by its gentle and poetic beauty. Moreover, it is boldly ancient and contemplative from monuments and ancient architecture.

Coming to Hue, you can visit famous destinations such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Perfume River, Trang Tien Bridge, Hue Citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb…

Thua Thien Hue is a land of famous landscapes convergence (Source: Collected)
Thua Thien Hue is a land of famous landscapes convergence (Source: Collected)

The natural beauty in the ancient capital is as beautiful as a picture, you will come here to admire the ancient beauty. Moreover, you can learn more about the local culinary culture through many delicious dishes such as: Hue beef noodle soup, Hue banh beo, Nam Pho soup cake, etc.

Nghe An – Beautiful Vietnamese countryside

Beautiful scenery in Nghe An is a colorful picture. Here, you can go to the beach, spiritually or experience the community form in the mountainous districts.

The most impressive point you cannot miss when coming to Nghe An is Cua Lo – the most beautiful and pristine sea in the North Central region.

In addition, you should visit Pu Mat National Park to witness first-hand the diversity of ecosystems. This is another feature of my country’s tropics.

Cua Lo Nghe An - Wild, beautiful beach (Source: Collected)
Cua Lo Nghe An – Wild, beautiful beach (Source: Collected)

You can visit the sunflower field in Nghia Dan district, sheep farming in Yen Thanh district … to freely take pictures, have fun with friends.

Thanh Hoa beautiful scenery in Vietnam

Thanh Hoa is no less interesting because it converges many beautiful scenes from the wide sea, high mountains, ancient relics… Coming to Sam Son beach, you will be comfortable swimming, participating in games such as: water motor, parachute, beautiful sunrise or sunset on the sea…

At Cuc Phuong National Park – a typical tropical forest. You are introduced to the rich and diverse flora and fauna.

Thanh Hoa possesses many beautiful landscapes in the tropics (Source: Collected)

In addition, Thanh Hoa also has many other beautiful attractions such as: Hon Me island, East beach, Elephant waterfall, Pu Luong … Ben En National Park will show typical tropical regions with very high humidity.

Mui Ne – Natural beauty

The most famous scenery in Mui Ne is the clear, calm, and poetic sea. The most ideal place to come here is in the summer, you can swim, participate in fun activities on the long stretch of fine white sand.

In addition, you can also relax and rest in the cool green coconut trees, watching the wild and peaceful nature of the country.

Mũi Né

In addition to the clear blue waters, you can also visit many tourist attractions in the city center such as: Ho Chi Minh museum, Duc Thanh school, Poshanu indigo tower…

Ha Tinh

The beauty of Ha Tinh is the beauty of peaceful countryside, clear blue beaches, famous freshwater lakes…

Visiting Ha Tinh is also one of the interesting experiences in the Central region. Here, you can visit many places such as Thien Cam beach, Ke Go lake, Hong Linh mountain…

Hà Tĩnh

This land is also famous for many delicious dishes such as cu de candies, soup cakes, ram spring rolls, etc., which will surely leave an unforgettable aftertaste in the hearts of diners.

The most famous Southern beautiful scenes

Tay Ninh – the land of landscapes and monuments

Tay Ninh is one of the provinces in the Southeast region of my country. Here is being invested to develop forms of tourism because the scenic spots here are very attractive. This place is more than 100km from the center of Saigon, so it becomes an ideal destination for backpackers.

When coming to Tay Ninh, you can go camping, hunt clouds, check-in on the top of Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh. With an altitude of 986m, standing in the highest mountain in the South, you will have interesting experiences when hunting clouds, watching the majestic beauty of the mountains.

Ba Den mountain tourist spot - in Tay Ninh (Source: Collected)
Ba Den mountain tourist spot – in Tay Ninh (Source: Collected)

In addition, Ma Thien Lanh located adjacent to Ba Den mountain possesses poetic beauty with hundreds of hectares of primeval forest. With murmuring streams, our souls are more relaxed.

Coming to Tay Ninh, young people cannot ignore beautiful check-in places such as: Dau Tieng Lake, Binh Thanh Ancient Tower, Tay Ninh Chop Mat Tower, …

Moreover, Tay Ninh is famous for its fruit gardens, Southeast specialties, a highlight of the tropics. You are free to have fun and enjoy delicious food while traveling here.

In Tay Ninh, there are many 3-star and 4-star hotels. Therefore, it promises to bring visitors the most wonderful trip.

Can Tho – the idyllic beauty of the river

Coming to Can Tho, you will experience a tropical living culture. In addition, you have the opportunity to admire the beauty of nature, gardens, historical sites…

You can visit the busiest market in Can Tho – Cai Rang floating market. The address was voted as the top 3 most beautiful floating markets in the South. Moreover, it is also one of the 10 famous canals in Asia.

Check-in Cai Rang floating market (Source: Collected)
Check-in Cai Rang floating market (Source: Collected)

In addition, you can also visit Ninh Kieu wharf, My Khanh tourist area, Ong Pagoda… You should not miss pancakes, hot pot with fish sauce, grilled snakehead fish when coming to Can Tho.

Phu Quoc – paradise pearl island

When coming to Kien Giang with a temperate climate, green nature, with many beautiful archipelagos. However, more prominent is the pearl island of Phu Quoc. It has become a tourist attraction, as well as one of the top 10 most beautiful scenes in Vietnam.

When coming to Phu Quoc, you will come to the main activities on the sea such as swimming, snorkeling, watching corals, experiencing a day as a fisherman, taking photos on beautiful beaches such as  Sao Phu Quoc, Ganh Dau, bai Dai,…

Check-in at picturesque beaches in Phu Quoc (Source: Collected)
Check-in at picturesque beaches in Phu Quoc (Source: Collected)

In addition, the pearl island is also attracted by the entertainment, resort and entertainment complex – Phu Quoc United Center and many other beautiful Phu Quoc scenes such as: stream Tranh Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc prison…

Saigon – Modern and prosperous landscape

In Saigon, the next stop if you want to admire the whole beautiful scene from North to South. Saigon is not only famous for its beautiful natural scenes, rivers and mountains, or tourist destinations on the sea and islands.

In this magnificent city, you can see a very beautiful Vietnam, attracted through art works, historical sites or museums, entertainment destinations …

With many famous tourist attractions that you will surely visit when coming to Saigon: Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh Museum… In addition, you can also see Saigon at night bustling, having fun at Nguyen Hue walking street, Bui Vien West street…

Bui Vien Walking Street - One of the beautiful scenes of Vietnam in Saigon (Source: Collected)
Bui Vien Walking Street – One of the beautiful scenes of Vietnam in Saigon (Source: Collected)

When Saigon lights up, it will be much busier and busier than during the day. You can visit famous tourist City at night of Saigon: Nguyen Hue walking street, Bui Vien west street, Saigon starlight bridge,…

Da Lat – a city of dreamy beauty

Being favored by the different nature of the tropics has created fresh air and beautiful scenery. With pleasant weather, Da Lat becomes an interesting destination, attracting many tourists to visit every year.

Da Lat has famous natural tourist attractions such as Datanla waterfall, Langbiang mountain, Robin hill, Tuyen Lam lake…

The beautiful scenery of Vietnam in Da Lat attracts many tourists (Source: Collected)
The beautiful scenery of Vietnam in Da Lat attracts many tourists (Source: Collected)

When you come to this land, you will feel comfortable and relaxed, with a peaceful atmosphere in a dreamy land. In addition, Da Lat is also a livable city with many attractive entertainment areas and delicious specialties.

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