Tropical flowers should be planted in the garden

Tropical flowers should be planted in the garden

Your garden will become lively and different because of the appearance of tropical plants. Many people have a special love for tropical flowers.

While many people are attracted by the unique beauty and fun colors of tropical flowers. They are also a little skeptical about their intention to plant them in their own garden.

That’s why we’re here to put together a list of tropical flowers you can grow! When you try to grow these flowers, you will realize that they are much easier than you imagine.

Tropical plants are as far away as you think

Don’t let the word “tropical” scare you. In most cases, a tropical garden needs only a good amount of water and a warm environment to grow. See it? That’s not scary!

If you have a bathroom that receives lots of warm sunshine, you’re getting closer on your way to cultivating a tropical flower.

The best tropical flowering plants to grow in North America


The tree grows upright with stem, leaves spread and folded down, oval shape, deep heart shape, tough, glossy green, 25 – 30cm long, 15-20cm wide, with long round stalks. Heart-shaped, round oval, pointed nose, concave, with more or less ripples, brilliant crimson red, 10-12cm in diameter, at the tip of a smooth stalk, 50-80cm long, above the leaves.

Due to cultivation, people have trees with white, pink, orange-pink, bright red or dark colors, often brightly colored, sometimes almost black. Cotton curvy, 8-10cm long, yellow at the base and top, white in the middle.


Looks like a cross between poinsettia and orchid. The anthurium tree has a sturdy but also very attractive appearance. And the truth is that the plant is easy to care for and has the ability to grow well in harsh conditions.

Today, anthurium has become a popular flower and is grown all over the world.

Bird of paradise flower

The name of the flower exudes a noble fear, you can hardly take your eyes off of them in your garden? When you consider its name and bright orange and purple colors, it’s easy to see why the bird of paradise is such a genuine tropical plant.

If your garden has this plant, it is no different from a paradise garden. Celestial bird is a long-light plant, loves the sun, and is afraid of direct light.

Bird of paradise flower

Plants should be planted in a humid, well-ventilated place, avoid flooding, do not like cold, and are afraid of frost. The plant usually blooms in spring (in the place of origin).

Bloodline tree

The tree is often grown as an ornamental, but some species of the same family also have effects in cooking and other uses.

Bloodline is also known as red bloodline. It has the scientific name cordyline terminalis kunth – belongs to the family Dracaenaceae. This is a small medicinal herb with the following characteristics:

  • The trunk is small, slender with a height of about 2m, the trunk bears many scars and is less branched.
  • The leaves are blade-shaped, concentrated at the top and arranged in 2 rows. The length of the leaves is about 20-50cm, about 5-10cm wide. The base of the leaves is constricted, the tips of the leaves are pointed and wavy.
  • The petioles are long and sheathed, grooved on the upper surface. Leaves can be burgundy on both sides (Cordyline terminalis Kunth. var ferrea) or red and gray on one side (Cordyline terminalis Kunth. var viridis).
Bloodline tree

The flowers grow in clusters at the top of the stem, the inflorescences are cymbal or club-branched with a length of 30-40cm. Each flower branch has many white flowers and purple flowers on the outside. Each inflorescence has 3 oblong sepals, in which there are 3 petals and slightly tightened in the middle, 6 stamens protrude outside the corolla, and the flower pot has 3 cells.

Berries are globose, flowering and fruiting season is around December to January.

African Violet (Tu Linh Orchid)

African Violet (Tu Linh Orchid) is one of the easiest plants to grow to bloom. Violet flowers bloom all year round with no care. This plant is quite diverse with hundreds of types and designs.

Some varieties have spots on the leaves, some have wavy white petals. The African Violet prefers a warm climate with full sun. Avoid watering cold water directly on young leaves, as doing so will cause unsightly brown spots on the leaves of the plant.

African Violet

African violets can be mistaken for a cross between a rose and a carnation. With ruffled petals and tassels, the flower is a beautiful addition to quaint country houses.


Lilies are popular flowers, grown in many parts of the world. This flower has the scientific name Lilium Longiflorum, belongs to the lily family. Lilies usually bloom in April and are called the flower of April with their brilliant beauty.

Lily flower

Though harder to grow in winter than some of the other plants on this list of tropical plants that can be grown on their own. But your hard work will be well worth it when these beauties bloom.


Orchids – have long been known as the “queen” of flowers because of their haughtiness, elegant appearance and diversity of species.

As one of the most vigorous tropical plants, orchids can survive in a number of different environments. So they become one of the most popular tropical plants in the world!

Orchids flower

From woodlands to deserts and even rain forests, nothing can stop an orchid from showing off its color.

Because of these distinctive features, it is not easy to grow and care for orchids, especially for those who are just starting to grow.

Monkey tree

Monkey bone trees are easy to grow, easy to survive, and easy to live. Planting is as follows:

Choose a good soil, rich in nutrients, loose and can add fertilizer with desiccated coconut, in addition, it is necessary to have coal slag mixed with the mixture evenly.

Monkey tree

Choose plants that do not contain bad pathogens, good varieties and then put them in pots

Finally fill with soil on the roots of the plant, then store in a cool place, keep it moist regularly by watering and fertilizing.

While it may be the hardest plant to grow on our list, it’s also the most incredible. This appropriately named flower quite literally looks like it has a monkey’s face in it.

There is no denying that tropical flowers are beautiful and you have a desire to grow a tropical plant yourself. Find out the best tropical plants to grow in your garden through the list above.

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